Fairy dust

Over the last few weeks you must have received some sort of fairy dust.


Ever since you first laid eyes on that fairy dress from Au Pair Link your whole world has been circulating around one theme – fairies. Nowadays the first question you ask in the morning is “where are my wings?!” I think imaginary play is really important for you as you develop your independence and all sorts of things – that is why you and I always are waving with our arms in the air while we are running, pretending to fly. (If you ever would think of me as weird or something…)


I have tried to develop this interest trough your exploration since you have had this interest for such a long time. To begin with, we have been playing with the “fairybarbie” you received on your birthday. Moreover, we have pretended to be fairies ourselves countless of times – taking on different roles in imaginative play develops your contribution.


Art works have been the main theme throughout this fairy journey of yours. First of all we dressed up several carton fairies with stickers, considered as clothes. You also made a fairy out of play-doo and in the end we did our own fairy out of a toilet roll. As a result of all this art and creativity, your communication has been improved.


Last but not least we also did a trip with Au Pair Link to The butterfly creek to watch things fly (other than fairies…) – in this case butterflies. All being well, maybe this fascination of yours for wings, butterflies and airplanes continues and one day you’ll be flying your own airplane!



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