learning story august

Stand up. Fall over. And stand up again. And fall over. And one more time, stand up. WALKING!


I have certainly been able to see your desire for walking. You have watched your sister a thousand times do it successfully. And I knew it was important for you to be able to walk because you always tried over and over again. You never gave up and one day you just walked towards me a few steps. I could see on your face what an achievement this was for you after trying for so long. Since then your capability to walk has improved more and more each day. You can move to another part of the room so fast now and at wriggle & rhyme nowadays I am obliged to run after you each time you walk away on your own adventures.


I have encouraged you by telling you to walk towards me and I will of course keep helping you pushing your own limits, as long as you are being kept safe from harm. You are building on your relationships with both me and your parents as we are supporting you along the way. Next we will keep improving your walk even more, for example by walking more outside where there is an uneven terrain and practicing walking in shoes.


By learning how to walk she has made choices on her own (contribution), she has explored the environment around her in a whole new way compared to when she was crawling, challenged her body to a maximum at almost all times, tried walking and practiced it. (exploration) She has also received a higher self-confidence by this achievement and also a better control of her own body. You can also see Elise being secure with the environment around her as she has no fear about walking anywhere, ANYWHERE. (belonging) Finally, as Elise has been doing this active movement we always try to keep her protected and kept safe from harm. (well being)


Linn Lundkvist, Elise McDonald, August 2012


Här har ni min första learning story om minstingen, Elise. Ni får ha överseende med språket för jag har inte rättat något än, men har väl tänkt innehållet något åt det här hållet. Kom gärna med åsikter och förslag på förbättringar också! Idag sa föressten Elise mitt namn! Hon som inte kan prata, är helt säker också för hon sa det säkert 3 eller 4 gånger i rad! Ibland har man tur som har en enkelt namn.. :)





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